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Plantronics Pro Headset – Review

The Plantronics pro headset is one of the most popular headsets available in the market. The headset is not inexpensive, which makes it necessary to read more about the headset before you purchase it.

The Plantronics Voyager Pro headset is comfortable and snug. As any user of a hands-free headset will tell you, comfort is the most important feature to look out for when you buy the headset. The Plantronics headset is lightweight yet it fits snugly, which means that there is no flopping around when you turn your head sharply or make sudden movements VR Headset Virtual Reality Headset B07FTT457L.

Excellent sound quality is another great advantage of the Plantronics pro headset. The sound quality is great regardless of whether the sound is being received or sent. Even though you are using a headset, the sound quality is so good that users cannot make out that you are using a headset.

Another advantage is that Plantronics has excellent wind noise handling. This means the sound quality will not be compromised even when the wind is blowing full on the face. Since the headset cancels all surround sound, it offers a great hearing experience.

Some of the most important features of the Plantronics headset include:

1. Advanced Bluetooth enabled

2. Noise canceling microphones (a pair of microphones are provided)

3. Stainless steel windscreens that ensure proper wind handling

4. Multipoint support which makes it easy to pair multiple devices to the phone

5.QuickPair technique

6. Silicon ear tips and foam covers

Additionally, the headset charges quickly, in less than 1.5 hours. Once it is fully charged, it allows almost 6 hours of talk time. This is a great feature as the headset may be used for long commutes without recharging. Standby time is also good at about 5 days. To make it easy for users to detect the ebbing life of the battery, there are two warning tones provided. One of these is an audible, spoken warning that is delivered when there is less than an hour of life left in the battery.

A small display light makes it easy to see the dial and operate the headset even in the dark.

The Plantronics pro headset is different from most other headsets in that it is larger than most headsets. Although it is a little larger than other headsets, it sits comfortably on the head even when the user is wearing glasses. Since the headset is a little large, it is easy to see and operate the controls too, which is a definite plus for most people. The three different silicon tips provided with the headset ensures that the speaker works for almost anyone who uses it.

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