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Three Easy Steps to Get Actors in Your Film

Making a film is a unique experience that gives us the opportunity to exert different functions. One is the selection of actors (casting) for a movie. In this step, one should take into account the conditions of production and creative direction of the film.

In large productions, there’s a whole casting department that will be responsible for selecting the actors suggested by the director. In smaller productions the director himself, along with the producer, selects the actors. In this article we will see three steps you can follow to get good actors for any size production.

1.Place Ads Telling About Your Selection.

The first step is to tell the world what you’re making a movie and need actors. Describe the characteristics you’re looking for (gender, age, skin color). An important tip is not to determine a specific number in age, but a range of ages that serves the character you want (between 30 and 40, for example). In this announcement, make it clear what are the benefits offered by the production, if it will pay a wage, food, transportation, give a copy of the movie to the actor’s portfolio.

If your film seeks volunteers, make it clear in the ad. This will save time and is a way to demonstrate you are professional. Finally, put the e-mail or address to which applicants should submit the material (photo / video) of their portfolios so you can analyze. Send this ad by email to drama schools and casting agencies in your area. Additionally, you can place your ad on sites frequented by actors. If you want something more extensive, also place ads on local newspapers Jamal Johnson.

2. Organize the Received Material and Select the ones You Like.

After a few days you will receive materials from various actors and actresses. The first step is to organize in the computer or physically, each portfolio in a folder containing the curriculum of the person and the material submitted. After doing so, create a folder for each character of the movie and put the material of the actors who can play the role inside.

When everything is organized, look for how the actors perform in video. If the actor has not sent a video in the portfolio, select a portion of the script in which his character acts and ask if he can record a video performing that scene and send it to you. Most actors will do that without any problem. That part is very important because the performance in a film is different from theatrical performance (most of your actors will come from the theater) and you need to see if the actor is comfortable acting for the camera.

3. Meet the Actors in Person and Sign the Contracts.

After the first two phases and the initial contact with the actors, you know which of them are excited about the movie. This is important because, beyond the skill of an actor, he must believe in the project. So, call the actors you have selected for a personal contact. Schedule a day and sit for a coffee, explain the project, delivering the script and sign the contract and release forms.

Even if your film actors are volunteers, it is important for everyone to sign a contract agreeing to this type of work. This contract must be specific about what will be paid by the production and what are the responsibilities of the actor and of the production. Moreover, the actor must sign the image and sound release forms at this time to avoid any future issue.

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