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Westone UM2 – An Earbud Review

Westone UM2 earbuds are high end. The $270 price tag that comes with it might be very off putting to some people. However, for true audiophiles these earbuds come at a great price for their features. Westone has been in the audio business for over 40 years and it’s clear that they picked up some tricks for making your audio experience the best one possible. This article will examine the features that the Westone UM2 provides, outlining the cons and the pros.

Remember how the drivers are the most important aspect when selecting an earbud? One of the features of the UM2 is “Dual Drivers”. Dual drivers allow the best low frequency response (amazing bass) and rich mids and highs. You have one driver working only for bass and the other driver working for mids and highs. This is a better alternative to the UM2’s brother – the Westone UM1 as the UM2 provides two drivers while the UM1 only provides one iPhone iPad Samsung Laptop Android Phones┬áB07H18FYL8.

The ability to fit dual drivers in such a small space should be the selling point for most people. The UM2 come with 27 ohms of impedance – slightly better than the average 25 ohms. This is probably due to the fact that the earbuds have two drivers, and as a result more impedance is needed to cancel the electrical vibrations, which will cause a clearer sound.

The Westone UM2 comes with a braided cable. Personally I view that as a disadvantage, but the cable is light and flexible and should satisfy most people. As noted above, these earbuds do come with dual drivers and to accommodate that the manufacturer needed to increase the earbuds size. The UM2 are larger than your standard earbuds. Remember, fit is everything. If you have smaller than average ears, these earbuds may not fit into your ears. Even though you would be missing out on the articulate sounds of the UM2, make sure it fits. An earbud that fits your ear will always out sound an earbud that doesn’t. The Westone UM2 does come with “Comfy” tips, so the majority of people should have no trouble with the fit.

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